Julie Erickson, PMP
President and Chief Executive Officer

“I am proud to build on Stell’s foundation and lean into the issues of climate resiliency.  We live in a time where we have opportunities to change the way we live and how we leverage technology to positively impact the world.  I am very excited to be leading an outstanding staff who takes delight in our clients’ success with our multidiscipline approach to meeting their goals.”

Julie Erickson grew up on small farm is southeastern Ohio with two older brothers.  She served our great nation as a U.S. Navy Radioman and simultaneously obtained her Master’s in Business Administration.  She has lived and traveled in all but two continents and loves experiencing new places and cultures.  She is a passionate employer who appreciates the challenges of owning and operating a small consulting firm.  When not working you can find her enjoying the performing arts, baseball games with her favorite sports commentator (aka Matt Erickson), hiking, or training for some crazy long race in the near future.

John Mieher, PG
Chief Operations Officer

“I have worked in environmental and engineering consulting for almost 30 years; I still have most of my hair but it sure isn’t the same color. I paid my dues early in my career on the graveyard shifts of pump tests and drilling 250-foot wells in the middle of Arizona summers. I am both compassionate and competitive, typically struggling to find the right work-life balance. Along this path, I have figured out my strengths (and weaknesses) and believe the combination of my skills and experience is perfectly situated at Stell. Like Julie, I am excited to lead Stell’s growth and diversity, but almost above all, I am proud of the staff who define the culture and integrity that will make us a resilient firm.”

John grew up in Northern California supported by a father who was a quality inspector at a General Motors production plant and a mother who could not turn away a stray animal. He learned the value of doing things right the first time, getting his hands dirty, and love of mechanical things (mostly bicycles, having owned/built more than 30 so far). When not working, John can be found outdoors cycling (road and mountain), hiking, or yard sculpting (fancy term for yard work). He is also an avid car enthusiast, mostly for classic European roadsters.

Paul Bovitz, PWS, CEM, LEED AP, LSRP

Mr. Bovitz brings 20 years of environmental management experience to Stell.  He is leading Stell’s diversity into asset and energy management, climate change resiliency, and eco-system management via federal, state, municipal, and private sector client markets. Mr. Bovitz has earned a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in finance, a master’s degree in ecology, and a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology. He has been responsible for technical direction and management of projects involving assessment of environmental impacts for infrastructure improvements and redevelopment, ports planning and energy development. He has directed and managed projects ranging from remedial investigation to environmental compliance to natural resource projects. He recently participated in program on coastal resiliency in the Netherlands sponsored by the Florida Earth Foundation and UNESCO.

Keith Wolf, PhD

“My vision for the Pacific Northwest is to support and optimize Stell’s existing networks, markets, and client service areas. The region has tremendous opportunity for Stell to grow and serve our clients with distinction on important and interesting projects.  Setting goals is an important part of all our jobs; if I had to choose one, I choose to dedicate my work days to helping guide Stell to prominence in the region by providing outstanding service while meeting our ethical and financial goals. As far as the rest of the balance, I have two impressive daughters, each successful women in their own right, and two grandsons who keep me busy, broke, and happy.”

Keith has a doctorate degree in environmental engineering and a bachelor’s degree in natural resources science. He also has completed graduate work in animal ecology and business management.  Keith has three decades of project, program, and executive management experience and business development. He is practiced in multiple scientific and technical disciplines and has worked at all levels of government and client frameworks. His technical work includes natural resource policy planning and implementation, fish and wildlife habitat restoration and protection, and marine biology and ecology. He has focused much of his career on innovation and environmental engineering using remote sensing on, below and above the waters of the region.


Michael Robertson
NEPA Specialist / Project Manager

“I was born in Freehold, New Jersey, in the same hospital as Bruce Springsteen, so it’s no wonder I have so many bosses to report to. My interest in the environmental field stems from growing up in rural southwestern Virginia and spending many hours as a child wandering about 30+ acres of land. Agriculture and forest lands were predominant but interspersed with residential communities typical of a small town.”

Michael obtained a bachelor’s degree in Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences with a Minor in Environmental Policy and Planning from Virginia Tech.  His first job involved data management and environmental program support to the Navy.  He quickly gained an appreciation for the nature and scope of the DoD mission and, by extension, the challenge of balancing military readiness with natural resources stewardship responsibilities held in public trust. His post-graduate studies focused on natural resources management and land use planning. He has since supported DoD entities in areas such as NEPA compliance, encroachment management, and air installation compatible use zone / range air installation compatible use zone study and outreach, natural resources conservation, operational range management, and climate adaptation and resiliency. Michael enjoys travelling to include meeting new people and trying different foods and libations, spending time at the family circus, and sports such as baseball (Yankees), basketball (76ers), football (Giants), and golf.