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Develop a Technology Stack You Can Trust

Technology is an integral part of nearly every element of our modern lives and business operations. Advanced technology solutions streamline your day-to-day processes and increase efficiency, ultimately reducing costs, increasing accuracy, and improving the overall quality of life for your community and customers.

Stell delivers state-of-the-art technological solutions to enhance operational efficiency, driving your organization’s ability to make accurate and informed business decisions with superior results, faster than ever before.

Modernization for the Complete Lifecycle of Your Project

Regardless of the industry or intended end use of your project, proper implementation of technology solutions designed for efficient operation can mean the difference between a successful launch and an operational misstep.

Step 1

Needs Assessment

First, our tech-savvy team will work with you to determine your long-term goals and identify technological solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Step 2

Concepting & Design

Based on our initial assessment, we’ll then help you conceptualize and design high-tech solutions customized to your needs, situation, and community.

Step 3


Lastly, we’ll install and implement the final iteration of your technology solutions, including training your in-house team on proper use and maintenance.

"… Stell’s flexibility and superior project management helped to keep this project in environmental compliance and within budget. Stell’s positive attitude, technical competence, and drive to exceed customer expectations is one of the many reasons why I would seek their services in the future."

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers PM

3D Scanning

From architectural and construction projects to engineering components, 3D visualization provides unique benefits for moving a project from conception to completion by providing real-world digital representations and modeling future conditions.

3D scanning services provide real-time digital representations of your assets using a 360-degree hand-held laser and integrated video to produce highly accurate and dimensionally correct 2D and 3D visualizations of the physical subject(s) for multiple applications within your organization; including architectural drawings, conceptual visualization for modernization and rehabilitation of equipment, capital planning, and more.

Stell will collaborate with you to identify your preferred modeling system, scan the physical asset, and provide communication forums, allowing you to reduce time, cost, and maintain consistent design fit across your organization.

Building Environment Controls

No matter the intended end use of a building or structure, having an efficient environmental management system is critical to maintaining smooth, comfortable day-to-day operations.

Using advanced control systems engineering combined with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, Stell engineers will help you design and install the perfect building environment control system for your facility.

From basic energy management and HVAC to fire and life safety systems, building control systems allow you to reduce utility costs, mitigate risks, simplify maintenance, and quickly regulate the environment and climate within a building.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Every aspect of your business contains a spatial element that is directly rooted in geography and can provide actionable insights that promote smart decision-making across your organization. GIS, or Geographic information systems, is a unique system for gathering, organizing, managing, and visualizing layers of data found within your organization.

When properly mapped using GIS, these spatial elements can create digitally accessible frameworks that communicate and share information to reveal patterns and relationships that affect the integrity and efficiency of a process.

Stell will help you apply advanced spatial applications to visualize assets, boost transparency, and efficiently manage critical resources, operational infrastructure, or planning phases.

Smart City Planning & Design

Among the most impactful augmentations you can make to your organization is to add Smart City innovation to your existing technology stack.

Smart City planning and design combine open communication protocols with data security to securely connect a nearly endless array of platforms and equipment throughout a community or facility to streamline data gathering, monitoring, maintenance, and communication from end to end.

The IT experts and engineers at Stell will work with your in-house team to conceptualize, design, and implement a Smart City system that suits your unique needs using technology like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and encrypted wireless connectivity.

Microgrid Design & Installation

While it’s true that technology cannot function without a power source; it’s also true that microgrid technology provides the best opportunity to continue delivering top-notch technology and services to your community even in the event of an outage or emergency.

Maximize operational efficiency and optimize profits with a distributed energy resource that’s as flexible as it is powerful. Microgrid design and installation support the diversification and stability of your energy usage while protecting against downtime by leveraging a customized microgrid.

The Stell team will work with you to conceptualize, design, install, and troubleshoot a customized microgrid design to maximize output and minimize downtime across your entire facility.

Database Management

Your organization probably generates gigabytes of data per day, but it can be difficult to know how much of that data goes unused due to a lack of standardization, inefficient processes, or overwhelmed staff.

Harnessing the value and utility of your existing data can be a daunting task, but advanced database management systems empower users by integrating, simplifying, and streamlining data sources to create a sophisticated decision support system for improving communications and decision-making across your entire organization.

Our tech experts will work with you and your in-house IT team to organize your legacy data, integrate it into your preferred database framework, and administer and maintain these frameworks to make your information easily accessible from anywhere.

Mobile Data Solutions

Informed decisions are only as good as the information behind them. In this technological age, data is no longer a desktop-only solution. Your team members need direct access to critical data anytime, anywhere.

Stell will help you develop a data collection and access platform customized to each unique use-case scenario, allowing your team to easily collect new information and update existing data in the field.

Our experts will partner with you to create and implement flexible mobile platforms that provide immediate access and collaboration anytime, from anywhere, and for all organizational levels.