Advanced operational infrastructure services to help you build a reliable system to support your organization and community.

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Innovative Infrastructure Services to Future-Proof Your Community

Your organization works hard to deliver high-quality products and services to your community. Isn’t it about time you had a smart, energy-efficient infrastructure that helps you achieve your goals and maintain social, fiscal, and environmental responsibility?

Stell delivers the critical information and tools you need to help you transition to a more resilient, energy-efficient, and effective model, so you can maximize output, minimize utility usage costs, and keep up with community demands.

Build The Right Foundation for Your Community in 3 Steps

Improving operational infrastructure doesn’t have to be a segmented process requiring several moving parts that may not communicate with each other. We use a simple, 3-step process to assess and augment your industrial infrastructure.

Step 1

Current Condition & Asset Analysis

Our experts will physically assess your current processes and facility conditions to determine if there are gaps or opportunities for optimization.

Step 2

Energy-Efficiency Assessment

Next, we’ll make detailed recommendations and provide an implementation plan to create a positive impact on efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability.

Step 3

Suggested Upgrades & Enhancements

Then we’ll work with your team to upgrade your infrastructure based on our analysis and recommendations for improvement.

"… Stell’s flexibility and superior project management helped to keep this project in environmental compliance and within budget. Stell’s positive attitude, technical competence, and drive to exceed customer expectations is one of the many reasons why I would seek their services in the future."

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers PM

Resource Management Consulting

At any given time, a company or organization is juggling several independent resources across many divisions, like fuel, water, and energy storage and functionality.

Advanced resource management consulting from Stell offers you clarity and peace of mind by analyzing your current resources, determining any gaps, and making strategic suggestions on how to optimize those resources across your entire facility to maximize reliability, sustainability, and infrastructure resiliency.

Energy Management Consulting

With the many new and important changes in power generation and consumption across the globe, businesses are eager to adjust their usage, storage, and acquisition of energy to remain competitive in the market.

Comprehensive energy management consulting provides a complete analysis of your current operational energy usage and delivers an easy-to-follow strategy for reduced consumption, utility costs, and risk of pollution or regulatory breach.

Facility Condition Assessment

The overall health and integrity of your facility are critical to efficient operations, but it is often difficult to pinpoint issues or streamline maintenance schedules for a complex facility.

A thorough facility condition assessment provides a clear picture of your property and maintenance needs to allow master planners and program managers the latitude to do capital planning on all the assets under one roof.

We’ll perform a deep-dive assessment of your facility, including age, design, construction methods and materials, and equipment, and then enter it into your system of record for easy access at any time during the lifecycle of your facility.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Everything in nature has a spatial element that can provide unique insights into how to best utilize or manage it for best results. Geographic information systems, or GIS, is the perfect way to visualize and map the spatial data of your entire portfolio, including land, buildings, and equipment.

Cloud-hosted GIS spatially enables all of your asset data, allowing you to analyze multiple complex datasets and integrations in one convenient spot to maximize usability and provide transparency to stakeholders.

We’ll help you assess spatial components within your portfolio and integrate your business-critical information into a centralized system of record. and provide real-time visualization to empower your decision-making process.

Smart City Planning & Design

The rapid advance of technology is playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives, from the cars we drive to the roads we drive and everything in between.

Smart City planning and design solutions leverage new and emerging technology to improve the functionality, management, and overall ease of use of municipal or industrial processes.

Each Smart City project is engineered to connect and automate entire cities by gathering, transmitting, and analyzing critical data points, allowing city managers and engineers to improve the quality of life within their communities while minimizing maintenance and operational costs and improving utility efficiencies.

Microgrid Design & Installation

The failure or downtime of the electrical grid poses a very real threat to your continued ability to support your customers and community, resulting in lost revenue and a poor reputation.

Fortunately, enhanced microgrid design and installation allows you to keep power flowing and maintain critical operations in the event of an outage by leveraging a network of distributed energy sources with the ability to operate connected to or independent of a central electrical grid.

The experts at Stell will help you design, install, and optimize your customized microgrid solution to ensure that your services are always available, even in the event of an outage.


Whether you run one facility or ten, property management and maintenance can be an endless process, especially without easily accessible data on the health and stability of each facility or property.

Leveraging a centralized database like BUILDER™ SMS in conjunction with regular facility assessments provides your company direct, real-time access to complete lifecycle details on your buildings, equipment, and underlying resources with continuous facility needs forecasting.

This access helps you make more informed business-critical decisions related to capital planning, maintenance, upgrades, and staffing across your entire organization, ultimately reducing costs and the risk of equipment downtime.

Control Systems Engineering

No matter the industry, maintaining control over your operations and facilities is a many-faceted and often complex task.

Integrated control systems engineering takes the guesswork out of running and maintaining your facility through automation and advanced connectivity from one end of the property to the other.

From basic building controls to complex algorithms for AI-enabled systems, Stell will provide complete end-to-end need analysis, design, and installation of the ideal process control system to fit your unique needs and long-term goals.

Risk Planning & Mitigation

Unfortunately, risk is a natural part of operating a business, especially an industrial plant, municipality, or federal agency; but risks and consequences to your infrastructure and functionality don’t have to be debilitating.

Infrastructure risk planning and mitigation solutions are designed to help you properly plan for potential incidents, like natural disasters, attacks, or power outages, and prepare your facility to allow for continued uptime in the event of an incident.

Stell experts help you identify the potential risks to your facility and functions and outline a tailored plan to mitigate those risks efficiently and effectively through access to ample reserves or backups of resources, equipment, and talent to continue operating without downtime.

Construction Management

New builds and renovations to an existing facility can be long-running and complicated undertakings, especially when it comes to building or preserving a healthy, sustainable infrastructure for your organization.

Our team will provide full on-site support for all infrastructure installation services to make sure that your operational infrastructure is done right the first time and is on schedule and on budget.